Books of Poetry

Hindsight: 2020 (Louisiana Literature, 2022)

Archaeology of Days (Negative Capability Press, 2019)

Perennial (Negative Capability Press, 2015)

The Poet (Louisiana Literature, 2015)

All of Your Messages Have Been Erased (Southeastern Louisiana University Press, 2010)

Greatest Hits: 1974-2010 (Pudding House Press, 2010)

Hardboot: Poems, New & Old ( Southeastern Louisiana University Press, 2005)

Gleanings: Old Poems, New Poems (Southeastern Louisiana University Press, 2003)

When There Is No Shore (Word Press, 2002)

Down of Hawk (The Sow’s Ear Press Chapbook Series, 2001)

Echo and Anger, Still (Southeastern Louisiana University Press Chapbook Series, 2000)

Fair Haven (Negative Capability Press, 2000)

Crazy Quilt (Hanover Press, 1999)

How Many Stones? (University Of South Carolina Press, 1998)

Devil’s Lane (Negative Capability Press, 1996)

Poems Out of Harlan County (Ithaca House Poetry Prize, 1989)

Jack Tales (Greenfield Review Press Chapbook Series, 1982)


Mise en place. Edited by Sue Walker. (Negative Capability Press, 2021.) “The Stinking Rose,”“Ode on a Beet,” The Artichoke,” “How to Make a Perfect Poem,” and “A Verb from the Earth.” Pp. 80-87.

Waking Up to the Earth: Connecticut Poets in a time of Global Climate Crisis: Edited by Margaret Gibson, (Grayson Books, 2021), “Trespassers at Morgan Point,” p. 82.        

Wicked Wit: Poems. Edited by Frank Sanders, (Public Poetry, 2020) “Martha Stewarts Ten Commandments for Cannabis Users” Pp. 60-61 and “The Poet as Surfer Chick.” Pp. 62-63.

CT Literary Anthology. Edited by Jotham Burrello, (CCSU, Grayson Press, Hartford, CT. 2020) “Mary Johnson.”Pp. 27-30. Poem is also included in the Reader’s Guide which has 10 selections from the anthology.

Coffee Poems Anthology. Edited by Lorraine Healy. (World Enough Writers, 2019). “How to Find George Stirling: Revise the Canon,” and “In Dunkin’ Donuts with My Mother.”  

Secrets. Edited by Sue Walker. (Negative Capability Press, Mobile, AL. 2018). “Against that Night,” and “Sylvia Plath Should Have Planted a Garden.” Pp. 34-36.

Unlocking the Word, an Anthology of Found Poetry. Edited by Jonas Zdanys. (Lamar University Literary Press, Texas. 2018). “The Hows and whys of Invisibility,” “How to be Naked in Public,” “How to Teach a Bird to talk,” “When is Silence a lie,” “Does the Balloon crew Have a Balloon crew?” Pp. 17-21.

Of Burgers & Barrooms. Edited by Jonathan K. Rice and M. Scott Douglass. (Mint Hill BooksMain Street Rag Publishing Co. Charlotte, NC 2017) “You Deserve a Break Today”; “Week Four: Poem about Another Person”; “In Dunkin Donuts with my Mother.” Pp. 376-380. 

Forgotten Women: A Tribute in Poetry. Edited by Gilly Lowe Connors. (Grayson Books, West Hartford, CT, 2017). “May 17, 1720: Superiour Court Justice Counsels Elizabeth atwood in his Chambers Before Sentencing Her to Hang.” Pp. 127-130; “The Radium Girls.” Pp. 28-34. 

Stuck in the Middle: Writing that Hold You in Suspense. Edited by David Bell and Molly McCaffrey. (Main Street Rag Publishing Co. Charlotte, NC 2016) “Perennial.” Pp, 220-222.

It’s About Time. Edited by Katie Giorgio. (Main Street Rag Publishing Co. Charlotte, NC 2016). “The First Poem I Have Labeled: Love Poetm”and “The Phantom Limb.” Pp. 153-157. 

To Unsnare Time’s Warp: Stories and Poems about Dogs. Edited by Dennis F. Borman and Gaynell Gavin.(Main Street Rag Publishing Co. Charlotte, NC. 2016). “Sooner Was a Hard Dog to Keep Under a Porch.” Pp. 208-2010.

Kentucky Writers: The Deus Loci and the Lyrical Landscape. Edited by Matthew Nickel and Daniel J. Pizappi. 2016. The Elizabeth Madox Roberts Society, Des Hymnagistes Press, West Park, NY. “This is Bluegrass Country,” “Digging up Peonies,” and “Moonshine.” Pp. 75-79.

How Higher Education feels Commentaries on Poems that Illuminate the Experiences of Learning and Teaching. Edited by Kathleen Quinlan. Sense Publishers, England. 2016. 

Christine, At Night I Tired, Early Morning, I . . . “ Chapter 5, p

Feast:Poetry & Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner. Edited by Diane Goettel and Anneli Matheson. Black Lawrence Press. 2015. “The Artichoke.” Pp. 45-47. 

Crossing Lines. Edited by Rayne Debski. Main Street Rag Publishing Co., NC. 2015. “Against That Night” and Outside the New Haven Lawn Club”. Pp. 285-287. 

Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems. Edited by Jonas Zdanys. Lamar University Press, Beaumont, TX. 2015.  “I should Be Eating Cake in the Frick with Rembrandt,” and “Upon Receiving a Letter.” Pp. 68-71.

Far Out: Poems of the 60s. Edited by Wendy Barker and Dave Parsons. Wings Press, San Antonio, TX. 2016. “Obeying Glands”p 247-248; Hike up Av Du Pere-LaChaise”, p 229; and “Charlie’s at the Wire” p. 210-11. 

Thirty Three. Edited by Sue Walker. Negative Capability Press, Mobile, ALA. 2014. “The Stinking Rose.” Pp. 91-92.

Lay Bare the Canvas: New England Poets on Art. Edited by Beatrice Lazarus. The Poetry Loft, Cranston, RI. 2014. “The Faithful Colt.” Pp. 84-85.

The Southern Poetry Anthology: Volume VI: Tennessee. Edited by Jesse Graves, Paul Ruffin and William Wright. Texas Review Press, Huntsville, TX. 2013. “Praying You Are Asleep” and Our bodies, arms of a weathervane pointing north and south.” Pp.212-213. 

Garnet Poems: An Anthology of Connecticut Poets since 1776. Edited by Dennis Barone. Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, 2012. “Moonflower,” “Digging Up Peonies,” “Static Hold a Grudge,” and Number fifty-two: Winifred Benham, Hartford, Connecticut, October 7, 1697.” PP-176-181.

Sunken Garden Poetry: 1992-2011. Edited by Brad Davis. Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, 2012. “Martha Stewart’s Ten Commandments for Snow.” P. 120.

Kentucky: Poets of Place. Edited by Matthew Nickel.Reading Roberts Series. The Elizabeth Madox Roberts Society. West Park, NY. 2012. “Deep Sea Fantasies”; “Why An Aging Poet Signs Up for Yet Another Summer Poetry Workshop”; and “In separateness only does love learn definition.” Pp. 29-34.

An Anthology of Chicago Poetry: City of the Big Shoulders. Edited by Ryan G. Van Cleave. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, Iowa, 2012. “And Still, a Bird Is in Me.” Pp. 117-18.

The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume III: Contemporary Appalachia. Edited by William Wright, Jesse Graves, and Paul Ruffin. Texas Review Press, Huntsville, TX, 2010. Alice Todd Outside Cecelia, Kentucky. P. 229.

The Poet’s Cookbooki: Recipes from Germany, Poems by 33 American Poets with German Translations. Edited by Grace Cavalieri and Sabine Pascarelli. Goethe Institute, Washington D.C. 2010. “What Can Be Preserved.” P. 41-42.

Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams. Edited by M.L. Liebler. Coffee House Press: Minneapolis, MN. 2010. “The Hard Way Was the Only Way You Knew: P. 205.

Ava Gardner: Touches of Venus. Edited by Gilbert Gigliotti. Entasis Press, Washington, DC, 2010. “Sitting with My Grandmother, Parealy Stewart Todd.” Pp. 85-6.

The American Voice in Poetry: The Legacy of Whitman, Williams, and Ginsberg. Edited by Maria Mazziotti Gillan.  Poetry Center, PCCC, Paterson, NJ. 2010. “The First Poem I Have Labeled: Love Poem.” Pp. 69-71.

What Comes Down to Us: 25 Contemporary Kentucky Poets. Edited by Jeff Worley. University of KY Press, 2009. Lexington, KY. “With My Father outside the West Wing of Hospice,” “First Ice,” “Corner of Bellefonte and Heather Way, Lexington, Kentucky,”and “Coma: Bachus Hospital, Norwich Connecticut.” Pp 89-96. 

The Poet’s Cookbook: Recipes from Tuscany. “Ode on a Beet.” Edited by Grace Cavalieri and Sabine Pascarelli. Bordighera Press, NY, NY. 2009) p. 98. 

Breathe: 101 Contemporary Odes. “An Ode to Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, April 16, 2007.” Edited by Ryan Van Cleave and Chad Prevost. (C&R Press, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 2009) Pp. 176-177.

Come Together: Imagine Peace.. “Carolyn Forche’s in El Salvador.” Edited by Philip Metres, Ann Smith & Larry Smith.(Bottom Dog Press, Huron, Ohio. 2008). P. 127.

Hunger and Thrist: Food Literature. “The Difference Between a Raw Onion and a Slow-Cooked One.” Edited by Nancy Cary. (San Diego City Works Press. San Diego,CA. 2008) Pp. 337-39.

Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of Horses. “I Have Come to Witness the Sacred.” Edited by Suzan Jantz. ( Yarroway Mountain Press. Igo, California. 2008.) Pp. 271-72. 

Southern Appalachian Poetry. “White Chickens, Worms, Horse Breath Winter; Outside Cecelia, Kentucky.” Edited by Marita Garin. (McFarland & Company, Inc. Jefferson, North Carolina and London. 2008.) Pp. 195-100. 

Evensong. “ Survivors Have Victims,” When Your Number’s Up,” “A Keeper” and “I Have Come to Witness the Sacred.” Edited by Gerry La Femina and Chad Prevost. (Bottom Dog Press, Harmony Series, Huron, Ohio, 2006) Pp. 172-180. 

The Kentucky Anthology. “The Last Wild Horses in Kentucky.” Edited by Wade Hall (The University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, 2005. p. 786.

Family Matters: Poems of our Families. “The Stepfather Speaks” and “Digging Up Peonies.” Edited by Ann Smith and Larry Smith. (Bottom Dog Press, Harmony Series, Huron, Ohio, 2005) P. 107 and P. 187.

Red, White, and Blues: Poets on the Promise of America. “Birdsong for September 11, 2001.” Edited by Virgil Suarez and Ryan G. Van Cleave. (Univ. of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 2004) Pp.168-69.

The Blueline Anthology. “In Braille.” Edited by Henry, Tyler,Coyne-DeGhett, Gann, Steinberg

and Gilborn. (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 2004. )P. 124. 

Urgent Care for the World. “While Waiting for a Blizzard.” Edited by Jennifer Bosveld. (Columbus, Ohio:      Pudding House Press, 2004). P. 26.

Caduceus: Poets at Art Place. “Outside the New Haven Lawn Club,” “Blue Sailors,” “FairHaven, Connecticut,” and “107 Water Street, Stonington, Ct.” Edited by Tony Fusco. (New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2003). Pp. 46-54.

Taste and See: Food Poems. “Ode on a Beet.”Edited by David Lee Garrison and Terry

 Hermsen. (Huron, Ohio: Bottom Dog Press, 2003). Pp. 106. 

Contemporary American Poetry: Behind the Scenes. “Black Hole,” “May17,1720: Superiour Court Justice Counsels Elizabeth Atwood in His Chambers Before Sentencing Her to Hang,” “ Number Fifty-two: Winifred Benham, Hartford, Connecticut, October 7, 1697,” “Kachino, Russia: Perm 36,” and “Barbie, Madame Alexander, Bronislawa Wajs.”Edited by Ryan Van Cleave. (New York:  Longman,2002). Pp. 250-264.

The 2002 Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology. “Birdsong for September 11, 2001”.Edited by Glenn Reed. (Flagstaff, AZ: Universities West Press). Pp.22-23.

The Anthology of New England Writers. “Why Girls Play Jacks.” Volume XV. 2003.P. 8.

Fresh Water: Poems from the Rivers, Lakes, and Streams. “Ice Fishing in Minnesota,” “Catfishing in Cumberland Lake,” “Walleye at Gull Lake: $100,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza,” “Last Light,” and “Fair Haven, Connecticut.” Edited by Jennifer Bosveld. (Johnstown, Ohio: Pudding House Press, 2002). Pp. 154-164. 

Like Thunder: Poets Respond to Violence in America. “Sleeping Soundly Where Lizzie Borden Did,” and “A Birthday Party on Old Orchard Road.” Edited by Ryan G. Van Cleave and Virgil Suarez. (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2002). Pp.174-177.

Touched by Eros. “Arethusa Speaks to Alpheus as He Pursues Her.” Edited by George Held. (Islip, N.Y.: Live Poet’s Society, 2002). Pp. 70-71. 

The Anthology of New England Writers. “Why Girls Play Jacks.” Edited by Frank Anthony. (Windsor, Vermont, 2002). P.2.

The Extraordinary Tide: New Poetry By American Women.”At Fifty,” “The Faithful Daughter Dreams of Spring Break While Installing a Bird Feeder,” and “A Heart with Little or No Bedrock for Anchor.” Edited by Susan Aizenberg and Erin Belieu. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2001). Pp.344-347.

E: Emily Dickinson Award Anthology. “Deadbolt.” Edited by Jane Armstrong and Alan Woodman. (Flagstaff, Arizona: Universities West Press, 2001). Pp. 33-34.

A Kiss Is Still a Kiss. “Old Horses.” Edited by Whitney Scott. (Crete, Illinois: Outrider Press, 2001). P. 207.

American Diaspora: Poetry of Exile. “Digging up Peonies,” and “Barbie, Madame Alexander and Bronislawa Wajs.” Edited by Ryan G. Van Cleave and Virgil Suarez. (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2001). Pp. 138-139 and 210-212

E: The Emily Dickinson Award Anthology. “Perrenial.” Edited by Jane Armstrong and Alan Woodman. (Flagstaff, Arizona: Universities West Press, 2000). Pp. 16-18.

Knowing Stones: Poems of Exotic Places. “A Woman Can Live by Bread Alone.” Edited by Maureen Flannery. (Evanston, Illinois: John Gordon Burke Publishers, 2000). Pp. 23-24. 

Heartbeat of New England: An Anthology of Contemporary  Nature Poetry. “Tricky, the Matter of Making a Meadow.” Edited by Jim Fowler. ( South India: Tiger Moon, 2000). P. 34. 

Divided Again: Poems About Designing People. “Scientific Knives Are Sharp, Not Mythical,” and “You Deserve a Break Today.” (Edmonds, Washington: The Edmonds Institute, 1999). Pp. 3 and 15-16.

Identity Lessons. “The Word You Did Not Speak” And “The Last Wild Horses in Kentucky.” Edited by Maria Mazzotti Gillan and Jennifer Gillan. (New York: Penguin Books. 1999). Pp. 59 and 139.

The Second Word Thursdays Anthology.”A Daughter Is Not Enough” and “Driving with My Father in Winter Park, Florida.” Edited By Bertha Rogers. (Treadwell, New York: Bright Hill Press, 1999). Pp. 68-70.

Speaking the Words. “Blue Sailors.” Edited By Bertha Rogers. (Treadwell, New York: Bright Hill Press, 1999). Pp. 21-22.

Smashing Ikons.”Carolyn Forche’s in El Salvador” and “Answer: The Winning Lotto Ticket.” Edited by Christine Japely. (New Haven, Connecticut: Curious Rooms Press, 1999). Pp. 12-13. 

Graffiti Rag: An Annual Anthology of New Urban Writing. “Driving With My Father in Winter Park, Florida.” Edited by Hayan Charan. (New York: Graffiti Rag Press, 1999). Pp. 63-4. 

E: The Emily Dickinson Award Anthology. “Outer Banks, North Carolina.” Edited by Jane Armstrong and Allen Woodman. (Flagstaff, Arizona: Universities West Press. 1998). Pp. 13-15. 

Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry. “Black Hole.” (Palm Springs, Ca.: Monitor Book Company, 1997). P. 473.

The Anthology of New England Writers. “Praying You Are Asleep.” Edited by Frank Anthony. (Windsor, Vt., 1996). P.5. 

Getting By: Stories of Working Lives. “As if Corn Invented Itself” and “Fair Haven, Connecticut.” Edited by David Sherwin and Larry Smith. (Huron, Ohio: Bottom Dog Press, 1996). Pp. 57-9.

The Southern California Anthology. “Fair Haven, Connecticut.” Edited by James Ragen. (Los Angeles: Master of Professional Writing Program, University of Southern California, 1996). Pp. 124-125.

Our Mothers, Our Selves. “Last Wild Horses in Kentucky.” Edited by Karen J. Donnelly and J. B. Bernstein. (Westport, Ct.: Bergin and Garvey, 1996). P. 238-239.

What’s Become of Eden. “You Had the Choice.” Edited by Stephanie Strickland. (Tarrytown, N.Y.:Hudson Valley Writer’s Center, 1994). P.78.

Life on the Line. “It Hurts to Burn.” Edited by Sue B. Walker and Rosaly D. Roffhian. (Mobile, Alabama: Negative Capability Press, 1992). P. 219.

The Epistolary Form and the Letter as Artifact. “Upon Receiving a Letter from my Friend.” Edited by Jim Villani. (Youngstown, Ohio: Pig Iron Press, 1991). P. 60.

Desire: Erotic Poetry Through the Ages. “Arethusa speaks to Alpheus.” Edited by William Packard. (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1991). P. 66.

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