Lyrical Somerville, edited by Doug Holder, March 29, 2023,

Verse Daily, March 15, 2020: “May 25, 1647.Gov. John Winthrop Recorded the First Execution for Witchcraft in the New World: [ ] of Windsor, Connecticut,”

Verse Daily, October 27, 2020: “Poetry Workshop”

January 15, 2021

October, 2020

The Hartford Courant, The Poems of Vivian Shipley: Bearing Witness to Struggle

The New Haven Register, For SCSU poet Vivian Shipley, words are her life (video)

Cold Mountain Review, How to Witness, What to Share: A Conversation with Vivian Shipley

Prairie Schooner, Doug Ramspeck and Beth Sutton-Ramspeck review Vivian Shipley’s ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES HAVE BEEN ERASED

The Transcendent Art of Transformation: Vivian Shipley’s THE POET, Lynn Marie Houston, the Connecticut River Review

Dixie Displacement: Exile from the South in Vivian Shipley’s Poetry, Lynn Marie Houston, Paterson Literary Review

Escape Into Life – Labors Of Love: Vivian’s poem “For The Unnamed Woman in a Photograph at the New Haven Colony Historical Society”

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene: Barbara Bialick’s review of CTREVIEW, Spring 2011 edition, Vol. XXXIII No. 1

RATTLE: Poetry for the 21st Century, Stellasue Lee: ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES HAVE BEEN ERASED

Yanaguana Literary Review, H. Palmer Hall: ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES HAVE BEEN ERASED

Valparaiso Poetry Review, Roger Sedarat: Vivian Shipley: HARDBOOT: POEMS NEW AND OLD

Valparaiso Poetry Review, Marianne Poloskey:Vivian Shipley: FAIR HAVEN

The New York Times, Selected Works by Connecticut Poets

The Poet and the Poem, with Grace Cavalieri – transcription

Vivian reads Ode on a Beet at the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon

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